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[Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina]

flight, movement, expansion of space, definitie horizon, sublimnity, boundary, edge


Kitty Hawk, North Carolina represents a moment in time when the world experienced a revolution, what Paul Virilio calls the expansion of space. The world suddenly moved from two demensions to three, in a defining 12 seconds the world was changed. While technology has taken time to advance, it was that moment when things changed. On the sand dunes of Kill Devil Hills in the Outter Banks the horizon was broken and never to be replaced. This site stands at the convergence of two differant realities, the horizontal world and the vertical, totalizing world. Now we find ourselves, 100 years later, in a place where the vision of the Wright Brothers has been pushed to its extreme. Satillites spin around our planet at 17,000 miles an hour, nuclear weapons threaten every inch of the globe at once. Space has been disolved, totalized; all due to the work of two brother from Ohio.

the site itself, is one of a few very simple realities, the veritcal represented by kill devil hill, the horizontal represented bythe ocean, wind and all its transformative forces, and time represented by sunrise and sunset, the tides and the life of the night sky.

"the mystery of wind's all-powerful presence, then, is deep-seated in the human psyche. it is on of the oldest mysteries of all, almost as old in our reckoning as the miracle of the quickening of life and the awesome presence of the sun and the moon. humans in all cultures have been wrestling with winds and their meaning from the beginning. Meterology and astronomy are the oldest of sciences. and in some ways the history of science is the continuing struggle to understand weather and its carriers, the wind." [1]

sea level, plus 100', the topography is that of a changing landscape. dunes that move, planes that move, wind that moves things. activation comes through nature.


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[1] Villiers, Marq De. Windswept the story of wind and weather. New York: Walker, 2006. Print.






01.the northern portion of the outer banks of north carolina

02.kill devil hills, north carolina

03. dunes near kill devil hills

04. first flight, the wright brothers at kill devil hill on december 17th, 1903

05. early glider test by the wright brothers

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